The big night with hen party games before the big day

The Hen Night is an important part of any wedding preparations. As a chance for the girls to catch up and let off steam before the big day, it is crucial that it is a night to remember. The style and tone of a Hen Party is dependent on the personality of the Bride. From a loud, fun-loving last night of freedom to an intimate gathering with friends and family we have put together a list of Hen Party games and hen party dares to help kick start the fun.

Hen Night Games challenges:
The Wedding Dress game – Split into teams and design wedding dresses using toilet paper. Although it makes a bit of a mess this game can be enjoyed by young and old.

The Hen Night Scavenger Hunt –Split into teams and hand out scavenger cards. Over the course of the evening guests must take pictures of themselves with the objects/ people on the scavenger list. Some example scavenger objects/ people include: A man with a moustache, someone riding a bike, some fresh flowers, an arm tattoo, anything you think will give the guests a bit of a challenge.

Karaoke – Nothing brings a group of women together like belting out some power ballads over a few drinks.

Truth or Dare – This one is super simple but can be tailored to suit any crowd. Guests choose “Truth” or “Dare” what happens next is up to you.

Drinking Hen Do Games:
Hen Party Games
Banned Words – Select a number of words or phrases that are banned for the evening. If spoken the person must “Drink”. This game is guaranteed to trip up even the most sensible of people.

“I have never…” – One person starts off saying “I have never…” stating something they have never done, the others in the group must drink if they have done this. Definitely a game to give the girls a good laugh and get everybody mingling.

Mr and Mrs Questions – Rope the Groom into writing up some questions he thinks his Wife To Be should know the answer to. Guests take it in turns to question the Bride. If she gets the question right the questioner must drink, if she is wrong the Bride drinks.

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