4 Unique and fun hen night ideas

A hen do filled with clubbing and drinking lots of cocktails isn’t for everyone. If you want a party that is made to impress, check out these four unique and fun hen ideas!

1- Have a day at the spa
If you’re looking for an evening that’s more low key, then a night at a spa might be just for you! More and more spa centres now offer unique hen night games ideas, which allow both you and you’re guests to have a luxurious night. From massages to a trip to the sauna, you will be sure to have a peaceful evening around your friends.
2- Go Ghost hunting
If you want release your inner ghoul then ghost hunting is perfect for you! You will be taken on a tour to a haunted location of your choice and might even be able to sleep over night. These hen packages are also inexpensive, meaning you’ll be able to have fun without being broke by the end of it.

3- Throw your own Boat party
Renting your own boat out is ideal if you want to party, but want to be secluded from all the crowds you get from the nightclubs. You and your guests will be treated to your own private DJ, as well as get the chance to check out the beautiful coastal scenes.

4- Go on a safari tour
This is prefect if you have a soft spot for animals, and want to jet your friends off for a hen weekend that all your friends will be raving about when they get home. Such tours may let you see wild lions or even the gorgeous African sunset.

The big night with hen party games before the big day

The Hen Night is an important part of any wedding preparations. As a chance for the girls to catch up and let off steam before the big day, it is crucial that it is a night to remember. The style and tone of a Hen Party is dependent on the personality of the Bride. From a loud, fun-loving last night of freedom to an intimate gathering with friends and family we have put together a list of Hen Party games and hen party dares to help kick start the fun.

Hen Night Games challenges:
The Wedding Dress game – Split into teams and design wedding dresses using toilet paper. Although it makes a bit of a mess this game can be enjoyed by young and old.

The Hen Night Scavenger Hunt –Split into teams and hand out scavenger cards. Over the course of the evening guests must take pictures of themselves with the objects/ people on the scavenger list. Some example scavenger objects/ people include: A man with a moustache, someone riding a bike, some fresh flowers, an arm tattoo, anything you think will give the guests a bit of a challenge.

Karaoke – Nothing brings a group of women together like belting out some power ballads over a few drinks.

Truth or Dare – This one is super simple but can be tailored to suit any crowd. Guests choose “Truth” or “Dare” what happens next is up to you.

Drinking Hen Do Games:
Hen Party Games
Banned Words – Select a number of words or phrases that are banned for the evening. If spoken the person must “Drink”. This game is guaranteed to trip up even the most sensible of people.

“I have never…” – One person starts off saying “I have never…” stating something they have never done, the others in the group must drink if they have done this. Definitely a game to give the girls a good laugh and get everybody mingling.

Mr and Mrs Questions – Rope the Groom into writing up some questions he thinks his Wife To Be should know the answer to. Guests take it in turns to question the Bride. If she gets the question right the questioner must drink, if she is wrong the Bride drinks.

More info you can find here: henpartyideas.wikia.com/wiki/Hen_Party_Ideas and Here

Tips For Planning a Hen Party

If your friend or loved one is getting married soon, and you’re part of the wedding party, you’re likely in charge of planning the “hen party.” This is the last celebration that a woman has before getting married, so you’ll want to make it extra special. A successful hen weekend is one that is customized for the guest of honor. Here are a few hen night ideas tips to make sure the bride-to-be’s hen do is one she’ll never forget.

Create a Great Guest List


The maid of honor is usually responsible for putting the guest list together for the hen parties. If you’re the maid of honor, or you’re one of the bridesmaids helping to plan the hen weekends abroad, make sure that the people who are most important to the bride are in attendance. For instance, you’ll likely want to invite the bride-to-be’s favorite aunt, or her childhood friend from school. If you think that some of the people at the party won’t get along, you can split the hen night into different times. For instance, you can have a tea party or brunch for the bride’s mother and older family members, and have a girl’s night out for the bride’s younger relatives and friends.

Set a Budget for your hen do

Now that you know who’s coming to the hen weekend, you’ll need to come up with a realistic budget. You can ask the bride’s family members, as well as the other bridesmaids, to contribute to the party expenses. Don’t leave this task up to the bride; she’s likely got enough to worry about. Based on what everyone is able to contribute, you can choose the location, food and activities for the party.

Plan The Hen Do Ideas and Activities

Once you know the guest list and the budget and some hen party ideas, you can start organizing the actual hen night. If the bride-to-be is shy and reserved, she may prefer to have a fancy dinner with friends at a four-star restaurant, or at the home of a family member. If she’s outgoing and social, the bride may enjoy a night out at the city’s premier club or bar. Brides who are into music would likely love to go to a concert by their favorite artist, and those who are especially crafty may want to go to a pottery or painting class. If you’re having the hen parties at the bride’s home, plan a night of games that reveal funny stories about her as a kid, or give guests details about how the bride and groom met.

The food is a huge part of the hen party as well. The appetizers can feature the bride’s favorite colors, or the colors of the wedding. For instance, you can offer a blueberry cocktail or cookies if this the bride’s favorite flavor, or if blue is part of the wedding decor.

Most of all, remember that this is a fun occasion! Set a timeline for yourself, so you can complete tasks related to the party on time. That way, you’ll be completely relaxed and ready to host one of the most enjoyable hen parties the bride has ever attended.

More info about hen do’s and other info you can find them here: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/hen_party

Hen Party Ideas and Hen Night Accessories

Come on Girls! Get everything you need for a great night out.


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Hen Party Ideas

Best Hen Party Ideas

It is a hen do and what on earth could adorn it better than gorgeous hen party accessories. Our excellent collection of hen night accessories includes games, gifts, badges, glasses, sashes, headgear, awards and a great number of other items to list.


From amusing balloons to an elegant hen weekends memento book, we offer products to our invaluable clients that they won’t have even thought of.  Some novelty items include medals, playing cards, handcuffs, and a variety of hen do drinking games.


As far as hen night outfit is concerned, you must be looking for outrageously funny and sexy party wear. For this, we can help you decorate your dress with such accessories as shirts, shoes, night tiaras, leis and boas. Other supplies include hens’ sexy and flirtatious lingerie, sashes, veils, wands, garters, rings, and much more.


Don’t know how to select hen accessories?  Begin with the bride to be. While taking her personality into account, you can choose accessories that best suit her. Bear in mind this party is for her and hence you need to facilitate her for enjoying it to the maximum.  Though you can be cheeky when it comes to choosing hen party accessories, you need not go too outrageous if you know the bride to be won’t have fun with it. Think how she will look like while having a tiara along with a wobbly willy on her top or with a veil.


Once done with the selection for the bride to be, you can easily explore some hen do ideas for yourself as well as the rest of the party. One good idea is to make a group and get matching hen night accessories like head boppers, sashes and badges. However, you may mix them up too by purchasing something different for each hen in accordance with her personality. Going one step ahead, we also offer special hen do accessories for the mother of the bride to be to make this moment a wonderful part of her memory.

Find more info at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bachelorette_party